LINEAGE INTO PAINT. Ballinglen Foundation, Ballycastle, Mayo, Ireland. July 20-26, 2022. Photos of ancestors — those we have known in life and those we can know only from the images — will be the sources for this workshop. These photos might trigger a narrative, imaginary or real. We might begin with an impulse for detail and description, a desire to imagine those we can know in no other way. The ultimate goal will be reduction and a search for how much is enough. By analyzing the images as designs in a rectangle, breaking down the pictorial elements through simplification and abstraction, we will build drawings and paintings that stand on their own. Mediums will include graphite, collage, acrylic and/or oil paint.

STILL LIFE x 3. The Art Digger Lab. October 7-20, 2022. Online workshop focusing on the still life. With SUSAN LICHTMAN, JENNIFER POCHINSKI, and CATHERINE KEHOE.