COPIES: ANALYSIS AND VARIATION ONLINE COURSE. September 10-December 10, 2020. Massachusettes College of Art and Design. Thursdays, 2-6 p.m. Paintings from art history will be the point of departure for exploration of pictorial structure. We will work from paintings made prior to the 20th century. Mediums will include graphite, charcoal, collage, acrylic and/or oil paint. Each participant will look deeply at a series of images and generate permutations through simplification and abstraction. This rigorous and wide-ranging analysis of images from our painting ancestors will feed our own work and imaginations as we engage with images that speak to us still.

Saturday-Wednesday. Black Pond Studio. Photos of relatives — those we have known in life and those we can know only from the images — will be the sources for this workshop. These photos might trigger a narrative, imaginary or real. We might begin with an impulse for detail and description, a desire to imagine those we can know in no other way. The ultimate goal will be reduction and a search for how much is enough. By analyzing the images as designs in a rectangle, breaking down the pictorial elements through simplification and abstraction, we will build drawings and paintings that stand on their own. Mediums will include graphite, collage, acrylic and/or oil paint.

THE HEAD IN THE MIRROR December 5-9, 2020
Saturday-Wednesday. Black Pond Studio. 
ONLINE WORKSHOP The head we see every day is a meaningful, personal and convenient subject for a painting. This workshop takes a reductive approach to painting the head, seeking how little information is enough. Universal proportions of the head will be covered, and a simple, intuitive drawing method will be introduced to help with drawing accuracy. Using paint, we will investigate whether translating the head into a few accurate shapes of color and value can create a truer likeness than a detailed description can. We will meet on Zoom two or three times each day, and share the work in online albums.

Wednesday - Sunday. Black Pond Studio. This ONLINE workshop will present a drawing method that results in accuracy of proportion. We will use straight lines to find relationships between the rectangle and the parts of the motif. This approach is a way of looking and seeing, not a style, and can be used to find the essential structure of any subject. We will work from images of the figure and the head. With practice, this method leads to an intuitive, personal balance between accuracy and individual voice.